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The Jewelry of Mark Defrates

We specialize in hand crafted, custom and made to order spiritual, symbolic, magickal and talismanic jewelry in sterling silver and karat gold. If you want something you can't find, let us know.

Pentagram, 14kt Palladium White Gold Pentagram


We design and make hundreds of magickal, spiritual and modern symbols, in sizes ranging from nickel size and smaller to silver dollar size and MUCH larger (15mm t0 75mm or 1/2" to 3" diameter), as pendants, rings, earrings and many other styles of jewelry. You can browse through the symbols by subject or you can search for a particular symbol by subject or alphabetically. Pictured here is our most popular symbol, the pentagram. This one is 14K palladium white gold but we have them in sterling silver, and yellow gold. We have a whole page devoted to it.

Tibetan Knot Ring, continuous knotwork, 14K yellow gold


Any of the symbols we make can also be crafted into rings. We have a number of different ring styles including band style rings, split bands, signet rings, wedding and commitment rings, cocktail rings and custom rings. Pictured here are our signature Tibetan Knot wedding bands in 14K yellow gold. Most of the rings we make are custom rings (which are never made again). We're famous for our wedding and commitment rings - an honor to be sure!

Pentagram Earring 14 kt gold with diamonds


We do make earrings! In fact Mark loves making earrings and we can make just about any symbol into earrings. This section contains a selection of our earrings. However, a full selection would double the size of this website - so use your imagination! This image is of a pair of 14kt gold dangle pentagram earrings, set with a matched pair of VS1 10 pt diamond. Spectacular! We specialize in pentagrams.

Other types of Jewelry

Other Types of Jewelry

We make cuff links, tie tacks, stick pins, money clips, belt buckles, bracelets, anklets, baby spoons, eyeglass holders, bolos, and the occassional sacred sculpture. If you can imagine it we can probably make it. We can make most of our designs any size.
Pictured here a pair of Thor's Hammer Cuff Links with Moonstones and torpedo backs.

3.2 mm Rolo


We make most of our chains from spooled chain so you can have them any length you want. This section contains our selection of chains we think go best with our designs. Of course, we can get almost any style of chain if there is something in particular you want.



We specialize in often complex custom designs. If you have a design, we'll execute it. It's easier if you have a sketch, a picture, but if you can visualize and describe it we'll produce it. There's usually a small, or sometimes not so small, non-refundable design fee, for which you get a 3-D Drawing, a breakdown of the piece, and a quote. On your approval, we will create the piece(s). The full procedure for custom designs is here. If you're looking for a special piece we encourage you to read it!
Pictured here is a custom 6 inch wide Dharmachakra with Lapis altar statue in argentium sterling silver.

The Cullinan Diamond


All right, we can't get you the Cullinan Diamond, pictured here. They're not likely to let us pry it from the British Royal Scepter, but we can get you most stones, either faceted or cabochon, at a far better price than you'd pay at a jewelry store. This section, as well as providing images of gemstones, also gives their chemical composition, hardness, and magickal and spiritual correspondences.

We are happy to set your stones too, either in one of our designs, or one that we develop with you.


  • We make everything we sell by hand and to order, with the exception of some chains and findings. We do not keep stock. We do not cast. We do not use molds. We hand-cut every piece we sell from precious metal sheet.
  • We are happy to customize anything we make. This is easy to do because every piece is made one at a time.
  • We work in tarnish resistant sterling silver, and 14kt and 18kt gold, white and yellow, primarily. We do not work with copper, bronze or stainless steel.
  • We use two types of sterling silver that has been specially alloyed to prevent tarnish. Argentium sterling silver is a higher quality, tarnish-resistant alloy of silver (93.5% pure as opposed to regular sterling's 92.5% purity). It is more lustrous, less prone to tarnish and stronger (we heat treat it for added strength) than sterling. We also use another form of sterling which is the standard 92.5 pure silver and can be used in the situations where Argentium sterling silver is not appropriate.
  • We use palladium white gold in 14kt and 18kt. Palladium is used to alloy the gold instead of nickel, to which many people are allergic, and it does not need electroplating for color, which all nickel content white gold requires. Palladium, an element in the platinum family, is a traded precious white metal and replaces nickel in palladium white gold alloys throughout Europe.
  • Mark is usually booked ahead eight to twelve weeks with standard orders and perhaps more on on custom orders. Please let us know if you have a deadline. We will do our best to oblige.
  • Payment can be made for almost all the symbols in sterling silver or 14kt gold by using the "click to order" shopping cart button. If you'd like a gold piece in another karat or a silver piece made in karat gold that we don't show, just email us and we'll send you a quote and a clickable invoice. See the Order page for instructions on how to pay with a check or money order.
  • We are always happy to make custom orders if you can't find what you want on the site or want to create a new symbol using symbols you find here or elsewhere. Email us or call us at 386-423-1833.
  • We guarantee you’ll be happy with your jewelry and we'll do whatever we can to make it so. You can return most jewelry for a full refund with the exception of custom designs, complex designs, karat gold and rings. If you’re unsure about our return policy regarding a particular piece email us before you buy.
  • Finally, if you'd like to know who we are, click the US button on the navigation bar you will find on every page.

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