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Linda's Aster Ring

Hi Linda:

Pam and I spent some time reading your notes and emails. Recognizing that we couldn't duplicate your old ring since we didn't have a picture and wouldn't really want to duplicate another designer's work we developed a design that hopefully incorporated the salient points from your notes.

Below is the design for the ring, in plan view. We kept in mind that you liked the aster partly because it is a cluster flower. Unless you really want a generic flower there's no need to simplify the flower so much that you can't recognize it. Also you referenced large Taxco rings and bangles, so we've used similar methods and an overall design aesthetic which is similar to Mexican silversmiths, although, of course, not too similar.

This plan view shows the ring laid out so you can see the different elements. It is about three times actual size.

Aster Ring Plan View

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The backing does add some weight, although only about 20 per cent since it can be thin (22 gauge) sheet. The ring is quite strong and does not have to have a backing, although we prefer one. Since you mentioned your other ring had holes, this is what the ring looks like in plan view without the backing:

Aster Rin Plan View 2

This will make a more delicate looking ring although still strong. It will be more difficult to keep clean.

Here are the dimensions. You asked for a ring no wider than 15/16", which is 23 mm. Actually the width of the ring depends on the size of the stone so it could be narrower. We won't know the exact width until we measure your lapis (your tracing around it could be a couple of millimeters off). The ring should be a band but flattened slightly under the stone so the flower does not have to curve too much, though it will a bit. You will see mostly the flower when wearing the ring, with the leaves curving around the sides and to the back.

Aster Ring actual size

Here's a 3D visualization:

Aster Ring 3D

Finally, for your interest this ring is fabricated from 22 gauge and 20 gauge sheet and 18 gauge square wire. It is composed of the following layered elements:

Aster Ring Fabrication

This is a large ring. Because we are fabricating instead of casting we can reduce the weight, but it will still be between 1/2 and 3/4 of an ounce of 14kt yellow gold.

Let us know what you think of the design and what you'd like to do.

Thanks, Mark and Pam

Mark Defrates 2009