Custom Work

We do a great deal of custom work, probably because we're one of the few jewelers who will. Custom work ranges from modifying our symbols (pretty easy) to completely new pieces (difficult). Most of our custom jewelry are rings, but we also get a fair number of pendants. Very few of the pieces in this section can be duplicated, but they will give you an idea of some of the work that we do that may not be strictly symbolic or may be a symbol personal to the customer.. The next few pages show some samples and explain how we work with clients over the internet. Following that is a gallery of other one of a kind pieces.

  • We only work with argentium sterling or fine silver and karat golds (and, of course, all the gemstones). Platinum requires higher heat than we use and we do not have the equipment to work with steel.
  • The more work you do on the design the less we'll have to charge. We usually have to do some adaptation to even clear designs, but a computer file, a fax, or a drawing mailed to me, executed as close as you can to what you want, will reduce the cost. Before we put any work into a design we require a nonrefundable design fee. Jewelry designs are similar to industrial designs in the sense that they need to be accurate to one tenth of a millimeter or less. Designs may take as long to produce as the actual piece, or longer. Producing the design may be more expensive than fabricating the piece. We will charge accordingly. The design will remain your property. We will not execute the design without your express permission.
  • We charge according to how long it takes Mark to design a piece, how long it takes to fabricate the design, plus the cost of the materials. Even so we're probably 2/3rds of the price of a regular jewelry store.
  • Custom designs can take longer to make than anything else. Give us as much time as you can, at least 6 weeks and preferably 12 weeks - or even more! Much, again, depends on the complexity of the design. Mark has been known to take 6 months (!) on particularly difficult designs, but the very great majority are made in less than 6 weeks. We understand you may have a deadline. If you do, let us know what it is right away and we may be able to move orders around.
  • To summarize. here's the process: (1) You contact us with an idea or a design. (2) We give you a rough quote and tell you how much the non-refundable design fee will be. (3) You pay us the design fee. (4) Mark does the design and we email the url of your design's web page to you, usually with a plan and elevation, the fabrication sequence, and almost all the time, a 3D drawing of the finished piece, excluding final texturing, and, finally, a firm quote on the cost. (5) You approve the design or, if you request changes, Mark does the modifications. There may be an extra charge if the modifications are extensive. (6) You pay the full price. (7) Mark fabricates your piece or pieces.
  • Finally custom pieces are non refundable unless we have clearly made an error (which has happened). In which case we will correct the error.
  • Call or email us for further queries.
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