Custom Designed Pentagram Vortex Pendant

The design elements on this pendant, especially the faces on the points of the inverted pentagram, were complex. Fortunately the client sent me a very detailed file showing me exactly what these looked like.
This was the design he emailed me.
I also sent him a schematic showing the number of individual elements that would comprise the top of the ring:
The design consisted of an inverted pentagram with a wide border.
The engraved and layered elements of the inverted pentagram
A central vortex, a triangular sigil on the top and sigils engraved around the rim. The competed design looked like this:
Pentagram Vortex Pendant
Designs similar to this would cost $500 and up. There's a curious story that accompanies it. A few months later the buyer was in a serious car accident, one that should have injured or killed him. He walked away from it without a scratch, but, and this is the strange thing: the faces on the pendant were covered with blood. Where the blood came from he does not know. Noone else was involved in the accident and he was not cut. Spooky, eh?
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