Here's a small selection of Earrings. Almost every symbol in the Symbols section can be made into a pair of post, dangle, or post dangle earrings.

Celtic Knot Hoop Earings Celtic Knot Hoop Earings

This pair of 14kt gold Celtic Knots on hoops are oriented so that the celtic knots are parallel with the cheek and side of the face. We can make earrings with endless hoops like this or other dangles so that they orient any way you please. These run from $350 and up for the pair, depending on size and the price of gold. Email us for these pieces please!

Zen Cat Post Dangles Zen Cat Post Dangles

Here are a pair of post dangles with a couple of extra jump rings to change the way they hang. Although very open these are both light and strong and run $450 an up for the pair, again depending on size and the price of gold. You'll find these in the Symbol section under "Z".

Post Dangle Finger Post Dangle Finger

Well, this is one way to be rude to everyone all the time, though really, we agree with eminem that this is a positive message. If you check The Finger in the Symbol section you'll see what this piece looks like in 14kt gold as a post earring. I made a tiny one for Pam, who delights in making the unsuspicious and matronly rear back in horror. This ranges from $35 in silver and $100 in gold (for a tiny ). Any Brit wanting us to make 2 fingers, just let us know, and no, we don't mean the V for Victory sign. We'd even make a heavy metal horns sign. Rude Symbols R Us.

Post Dangle Gold Gecko Earrings Post Dangle Gold Gecko Earrings

This gecko, a perenially popular piece originates in a design from Papua New Guinea, These cost $250 and up for a pair. These are in the Symbol Section too under, you guessed it, "G".

Gold, Silver, and Emerald Lizard Earrings Gold, Silver, and Emerald Lizard Earrings

This has always been one of our favorite designs and you'll find it in various forms and sizes throughout this site. The emeralds aren't the highest quality here but even so the earrings would cost at least $500. Ah, the price or art. Consider them collectibles.

Triskalion in Circle Sapphire Earrings Triskalion in Circle Sapphire Earrings

We made a pair of 14kt gold triskalion in circle earrings for Christmas 2005 using this design. Unfortunately the digital camera refused to focus, a fact discovered after we had sent the earrings. So let us state, for the record, this design in 14kt gold with 3mm diameter faceted sapphires, is fabulous. We do have the matching pendant on the site if you don't believe us. In silver these cost from $70 a pair without stones, these with sapphires cost $120.

Gemini Post Earrings Gemini Post Earrings

These post earrings are actually larger in the image than in reality. $230 and up in 14 kt gold. See the Zodiac page.

Yoni Earrings, 14 kt Gold with Rubies Yoni Earrings, 14kt Gold with Rubies

There aren't a lot of people who would recognize this, or perhaps I'm just being an ignorant man. Pam certainly doesn't agree with this statement. But, if you're polite, you could always call them drop earrings. This pair have matching 4 mm AAA faceted rubies and cost $750 or more. Check with us for a current price please. Even rubies are bouncing around in price these days.

Double Dorje Dangles Double Dorje Dangles

This is a pair of double dorje dangles in sterling silver. The size is Extra Small, which you won't find in the symbol section because they really only work as earrings in this size. In sterling silver they'd run $70 for a pair.

Post Dangle Sterling Silver Gold and Emerald Earrings Post Dangle Sterling Silver Gold and Emerald Earrings

I don;t know that I've seen this technique used by anyone else. The pear shaped emeralds are set in a 4 prong setting within a concave 14kt gold textured disk which is soldered in a sterling silver convex dome and attached to a post dangle with another gold dome in high shine in front of the threaded post earrings. They were a present for Pam and yes, they are at least as expensive as you thought, $1000 and up depending on the stones for a pair.

  • Most of the silver and much of the gold jewelry we make is at least 1.3 mm (16 guage) thick. Earrings don't need to be this thick and so are generally 1 mm (18 guage) thick or sometimes thinner. Even so they're usually twice as thick as commercial earrings.
  • To get the price of a pair of argentium sterling silver simple dangle earrings just double the price of a single symbol.
  • We suggest no larger than Small for Dangle Earings and no larger than Extra Small for Post Earrings.
  • The different styles of earrings we make are dangles (French Wires, 1 mm thick), post dangles, standard post earrings, hoops, screwbacks (or a newer style known as Guardian that is more expensive, only available in yellow and white 14kt gold, but much kinder on delicate ears).
  • Please note, we are custom jewelers. If you can visualize it we can probably make it, even if it doesn't fit into any category we mention.
  • We're happy to make single earrrings.
  • We don't charge for the findings (the wires or posts or nuts) if the earrings are silver except for silver screwbacks which are a bit more expensive or if we have to add a series of jump rings to make a post dangle longer. We do charge for gold findings.
  • Call or email us for further queries.
The next section shows some other (primarily men's -aren't we the other? - jewelry).
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