Extra Small: $445 Code:235palaudi 16X16mm

Small: $660 Code:010palaudi 19X19mm

Small+: $1050 Code:010+palaudi 22X22mm

Medium-: $1355 Code:009-palaudi 25X25mm

Medium: $1755 Code:009palaudi 27X27mm

Please Note:

Since every piece of jewelry we sell is made by hand and to order, we can easily make changes to the design or otherwise customize your piece. If you want, say, a specific size or to add a stone or to have it made in gold or any other customization just email us or call us at 386-423-1833. Most orders take 3 to 4 weeks from payment to shipping. Custom orders take a bit longer. If you have a deadline let us know! We can usually speed up the process.

REMEMBER! We have to make your piece(s) before we can ship so pleeaase give us as much time as you can.


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