Hexagram Ring with Amethyst

This is a more complex example of a symbol on band ring. This is the Seal of Solomon (Hexagram, Star of David) with the four-lettered name of God in Hebrew (Yod-Heh-Vahv-Heh) and an amethyst in the center. Rings like this cost $275 and up.

Pentagram Ring with Hematite

Because we do hand craft every ring to order, it is possible to suggest unusual commissions, such as this ring which used a rectangular piece of hematite set next to a pentagram which had been pierced through the band. Rings similar to this cost $250 and up.

Unicursal Hexagram Band Ring with Ruby

Here's a wide band style ring, with a unicursal hexagram and a lab grown faceted ruby tube set in the center. Rings like this cost $275 and up. This ring has the advantage of having very sharp points - if you want them :)

Unicursal Band Ring with Ruby


Unicursal Hexagram Band Ring, Backed and Oxidized with Stone

Here's another wide-band style ring, with a unicursal hexagram and a faceted garnet tube set in the center. In this case the unicursal is backed and oxidized and there are symbols on both sides. In this image you can see the inverted pentagram on the side.

Unicursal Split Band Ring Ring, 14kt Gold and Sterling Silver


Unicursal Hexagram Band Ring, Backed and Oxidized with Stone

In this image the symbol on the side is an Eye of Horus. Of course you can have most symbols placed on the sides. Rings like this cost $350 and up in argentium sterling silver.

Repeating Symbol Rings

Like the repeating Tibetan knots on the first rings page only with teeny tiny stones added because those rings aren't difficult enough. Go ahead - email us with a teeny tiny design with stones!

Repeating Pentagram, 14kt Gold and Amethyst


Repeating Pentagram Ring, 14kt Gold and Amethyst

This ring consisting of 8 pentagrams, each 8 mm in diameter and set with a 2 mm faceted amethyst. This ring costs $1000 and up in 14kt yellow gold.

Repeating Peace Ring, 14kt Gold, Argentium Silver & Diamonds


Repeating Peace Symbol Ring, 14kt Gold, Argentium Silver & Diamonds

This ring consisting of 6 peace symbols, each 10 mm in diameter and set with a 2 point diamond and costs $1000 and up in 14kt yellow gold and argentium silver.

Chaosphere Band Rings

The chaosphere ring on the left costs $225 in sterling silver. A stone can be added for $15 - $20 usually. The chaosphere in this ring is 20 mm in diameter or a little over 3/4 of an inch. On the right , the customer wanted a 14kt gold hexagram added to his ring and that added an additional $100. We can customize any of our designs - but I'll be you know that already!

Chaosphere Band Rings with Black Onyx

This pair of rings, which were wedding rings for a pair of chaos magicians, rcost $500 for the pair.

Three Stones Rings

These two variations of a three stones ring were designed to meet the customers' request that the stones be open in the back to the fingers. The ring on the left and center is Argentium sterling silver with a 14kt yellow gold wire accent and one lapis and two turquoise cabochons stones. The ring on the right, the companion to the other one, has two red coral and one lapis cabochons, and a 14kt red gold wire accent. Rings similar to this cost $275 and up.

Three Stones Ring, 14kt Gold, Argentium Silver and Stones

This customer saw the rings above and requested the modifications that you see here. This ring is 14kt yellow gold with a star sapphire cabochon flanked by 2 garnets. Rings like this cost $450 or more depending on the size and what gold prices are doing these days!

John Dee Ring

John Dee, Elizabeth l's astrologer and court magician, designed this ring. Mark executed it as a size 10 heavy 14kt gold ring. The table of the ring, pictured here, is 1 inch square. This is a ceremonial ring, specially made for a customer involved in Dee's magick. On the right you can see the heavy gold band and the way in which Dee believed the ring should be fabricated. Elizabethan jewelry had not developed the signet style ring, which would be the way that a modern ring would fulfill Dee's design requirements. This ring cost almost $2000 and weighed close to an ounce.


John Dee Signet Ring Sterling Silver and 14K Yellow Gold


John Dee Ring, Sterling Silver and 14K yellow gold

Here is the John Dee Ring in argentium sterling silver with the enochian lettering and emblem in 14K yellow gold. Rings like this cost $425 and up with a 1" square table. Email us with questions.


Enochian Ring


Enochian Ring

Enochian is the angelic language that John Dee used with Edward Kelley to converse with the spirits. Here the Enochian word has been incised into a band ring. Rings like this cost $275 and up.Email us with questions.


Angelic Script Ring


Angelic Script Ring

You can also have rings with Cornelius Agrippa's Angelic Script (Malachim) or his Celestial alphabet. Rings like this start at $325. Email us with questions.

Worm Ouroboros Band/Signet Ring with Lapis

This customer wanted a large ring with a large stone but he didn't want the bulk of a signet ring, so Mark crafted a heavy duty band ring for him. Prices start at $275 and go up depending on size and stone.


Split Band Rings

Split-band rings allow the placement of a central symbol and a stone without the weight of a wide band or signet ring. Email us! You know you need a custom made ring.

Peace Symbol Split-Band Ring, 14kt Gold, Argentium Silver and Diamond

This 14kt gold backed with argentium silver split-band peace symbol ring has a 10 point VS1 central diamond. This ring costs $600 and up.

Pentagram Split-Band Ring, 14kt Palladium White Gold, Diamond and Opals

This ring has a 7 point VS1 central diamond and two collection grade 3 mm opals. It is made out of 14kt palladium white gold. Rings like this cost $800 and up.

Pentagram Split-Band Ring, 14kt Gold and Emerald

Here's an openwork pentagram ring with a central 4 mm emerald. Rings like this, without the stone, cost $450 and up; $600 and up with the emerald or another stone. Email us to find your ring!

Unicursal Hexagram Split-Band Ring, 14kt Gold and Argentium

This 14kt yellow gold split-band ring featuring a unicursal hexagram with a 14kt rose gold Crowleyian rose uses solder lamination techniques to back the unicursal hexagram with an Argentium silver disk. Rings similar to this cost $500 and up, depending on ring size.
Split-band rings are actually cut from a single sheet of argentium sterling silver or karat gold. In this case the circle around the symbol is texture finished; the symbol is flush soldered to the circle and both the band and the symbol are polished to a high shine. Over time the textured silver oxidizes and the contrast between the background and the symbol increases. These rings cost $250 and up in Argentium sterling silver.

Spiky ChaosphereSplit Band Ring


Spiky Chaosphere Split-Band Ring

Triskelion Split Band Ring


Triskelion Split-Band Ring

Triskelion in Circle Split-Band Ring, 14kt Gold and Arentium

Like the ring above right but with the triskelion in 14kt gold, these fabulous rings were bought by a couple to commenorate their 30th anniversary! You can get rings similar to this with most any symbol for $300 and up.

Triskelion in Circle Split-Band Ring with Stone

Another type of split band ring, similar to the pentagram with emerald ring above, is this open work split band ring. This style is not appropriate for all symbols or sizes, but it is quite well suited to symbols within circles. This ring has a cornflower blue cabochon sapphire set in the center, a stone quite difficult to find. This style ring costs $250 and up, depending on stone and metal used.

Zen Cat Split-Band/Signet Ring

Though this ring has the split-band like the rings above, the table is flat and thick like the signet rings on the next page. That combination works really well for a design like the Zen kitty that is open in the middle. It is a little hard to see so go HERE for the original Zen cat.

Yin Yang (Tai Chi) Ring

Round symbols like the yin yang (Tai Chi) work very well as both split-band rings and signet rings.