Engagement and Solitaire Rings

Hey, who needs obscure symbols when you have a humongous stone, eh? Knock 'em out with a ring like one of these below. Email us for rings with rocks.

Emerald and Diamonds Engagement Ring, 14kt White and Yellow Gold

This is Mark's eldest daughter's engagement ring. The ring is a combination of 14kt yellow and 14kt palladium white gold. The palladium insures that the white will always be white. The 14kt palladium white gold alloy is more expensive than the 14kt white gold alloyed with nickel (the standard) but is much more beautiful and never needs plating. This ring has a high quality 1 1/2 carat emerald in the center with two 10 point SI1H diamonds on either side. The settings are a six prong, 14kt yellow gold, low base setting for the emerald and two four prong, low base, white gold settings for the diamonds. Mark's daughter says that the ring is so striking that she has to keep her hand out of sight if she's talking to someone about something important because the person will spend her whole time staring at the ring! Mark made simple, hammered 14kt palladium white gold bands to go with the ring for her and for her husband. This ring is valued at $950 without the emerald, $5000 with it.

Emerald Cocktail Ring, 14kt Yellow Gold

Years before Mark made the above ring he made this ring for his daughter. She was fiftten years old at the time so Pam let her look at the ring for a day or two then hid it until she turned eighteen, certain that she would either lose the ring or lose a finger while it was being stolen! The emerald here is not as high a quality stone as the one in the engagement ring above, so it would probably cost $2500 with the stone and $600 for the basic ring.

Sapphire and Diamonds, 18kt Palladium White and Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

This is another astonishing ring. An 18kt yellow gold Tibetan flame forms a platform on which is set a AAA grade marquise cut sapphire with two 10 point diamonds pave set on either side. The price of this ring, which could be as low as $700, depending on the sizes and types of stones, in this particular case is $2000.

Alexandrite and Diamonds, 14kt Palladium White Engagement Ring

And this is another astonishing ring! We had never set a high quality, genuine (AA grade) alexandrite in a ring before. On either side are two VSG 10 point diamonds and the whole ring is 14kt palladium white gold. We could only capture the blue/green/purple color changes in this stone, but red appears also! Amazing.......and rather spendy (as they say): $3000 and up, less for a stone that is not one of the rarest (and therefore most expenisve) in the world!

Diamonds and Moonstones, 14kt Yellow and Palladium White Engagement/Wedding Rings

Thois set was made for another one of our all-time favorite customers who has been buying jewelry from us for years. When she got engaged she called on us to make her rings using the diamonds (half carat VS in the engagement ring + six small stones in the wedding band) from her mother's ring. She and her intended are both Cancers so she also wanted water elemental symbolism + moon feeling + lotus (more water) + an overall elvish feel and all on a very tight, military personnel budget! The center diamond was beautiful before we began but when Mark set it in that lotus - it just exploded with bright fire! The setting had created a darkfield background for the stone - the type of background used by gemological micrsoscopes in determining the quality of stones. This is a one of a kind set of course and cost $1500 + the stones.

Hebrew and Rune Rings, 14kt Gold, Argentium Silver, Diamond and Tanzanite

These two rings are engagement/wedding ring combos. The groom, who is an artist, sent us a sketch of what they wanted. They requested a band of textured, 14kt gold, flush soldered around the argentium band of the ring with a rune and a Hebrew letter, cut from 14kt gold and soldered next to the setting for each ring. The customer provided the central diamond in the first ring, the groom's, and the tanzanite in the second. Rings this complex cost $750 each plus the stone.

Here is the bride's ring. Her tanzanite stone is beautiful. Tanzanite is quite delicate so the setting had to be made to avoid putting much pressure on the stone. Like the groom's ring, the stone is flush set into the rectangular gold and silver box mounting. The rings are a fabulous combination of white and yellow, high shine and texture, and flashing stones!

Double Headed Eagle Ring, 14kt Gold, Argentium Silver, Genuine Ruby and Aquamarines

This ring features a high quality, oval, faceted ruby in a gold setting in the center of a double headed, silver eagle mounted onto a 14kt gold background. The ring also has silver crescent moons with 3 mm cabochon aquamarines on each side and the alchemical symbols for the four elements in silver soldered to the gold band. A stunning ring! Rings similar to this in karat gold and sterling silver would cost $1400 and up depending on the size of the ruby.

Star Ruby Lotus Hexagram Ring, 14kt Gold and Cabochon Rubies

This spectacular 14kt gold ring features a 7 mm star ruby within a lotus flower seated on a hexagram. On the band of the ring two snakes intertwine below two moons with genuine 4 mm cabochon rubies in their center. This ring was cut from gold sheet, rounded and then the hexagram/lotus platform and hand made lotus setting for the star ruby was soldered to the top. This, in fact, was the method used for making rings in the early twentieth century before signet rings became popular. A ring similar to this, if we were able to find a star ruby of this quality, would probably cost $2000 or more. $1000 or less with another stone.

Opal Lotus Ring, Argentium Silver and Diamonds

This spectacular lotus ring - which is a modification of the ring above - features a 6 mm collection grade (higher than AAA) opal and, as side accents, within crescent moons, two 7 point (VS1) diamonds. Snakes intertwine below the moons and around the band. This ring, in sterling silver, cost $750. It could be made in white or yellow gold also. Email us with your ring size for current quotes.

Aum Lotus Ring Wedding Set

Here's a version of the Lotus ring that we made as wedding rings with aums on the sides, citrines as accent stones and a faceted amethyst and cabochon amber as the central stones. Email us with your ring size for current quotes.

Storm Ring, 14kt Gold, Argentium Sterling Silver and Lapis

This ring derived from a sigil sent to us by the customer who requested a ring that harnessed the power of the weather. The design, cut out of 14kt gold, on the platform of the ring is our interpretation of that wish. The stone is a fabulous, high-dome, lapis lazuli. Our customer also wanted Chango's crossed axes, a thunderbird, a tornado, a sun/moon and an icthos cross around the band! Inside the ring, Mark stamped and oxidized magickal letters and numbers. Rings this complex will cost $750 or more.

Aster Ring, 14kt Gold and Lapis

One of our customers commissioned this ring as a setting for her fine and quite large lapis lazuli cabochon. The design and fabrication notes can be seen here. Similar rings would cost $1500 in 14kt Gold

Chaos Skull and Rune Ring

One of our favorite customers and a long-term net friend orders some of the most spectacular jewelry from us. He provides a design, which Mark modifies for jewelry, and then executes as jewelry. This ring has a skull with two ruby eyes on top of a chaosphere on top of an oxidized disc soldered to a wide band. On the band Mark stamped three rows of runes, which our friend, who is is a runemaster in Austria, requested. Rings as complex as this cost $500 and up. If you'd like to see the original design and more information about this ring, click here. There are no enlargements available for this ring.

Chaos Skull Ring

Chaos Skull Ring Back

Lord of The Rings Ring, 14kt Gold, Argentium Silver and Black Star Sapphire

Our Austrian runemaster friend wanted a ring that, if not the One Ring, might at least have been the One Ring after the Lord of the Nazgul or Sauron himself had worn it for a while. The central stone is a black star sapphire. The back of the ring has the elvish inscription from the One Ring in 14kt gold. Rings like this cost $750 and up.


Lord of the Rings, Elvish Lettering, Back of Ring


Lord of the Rings Top Down View


Elf Ring, 14kt Gold, Argentium Siver and Ruby

Maintaining the Middle Earth theme, here's a ring for which the customer sent in a photoshopped image of the way she wanted the gold and the silver to form around each other. The central stone is a ruby. Our customer wanted a ring that had the feeling-tone of the elves of Middle Earth. Not having any mithral handy, silver and gold was a good second best. This type of ring would cost $500 and up, depending on the stone. No enlargements available.

Elf Ring with Ruby

Elf Ring with Ruby, Side View

Moon Moonstone Ring, Argentium Silver

This elegant ring contains a moonstone set into crescent moon mounted on an argentium sterling band. A ring like this would cost $225 and up depending on the size of the stone.


Moon Ring with Moonstone, 14K palladium white gold


Moon Ring with Blue Moonstone, 14K Palladium White Gold

  • $700 and up

This gorgeous 14K palladium white gold version of the moon moostone ring above featured a blue moonstone. This was a Size 7 and cost $700, which is quite a good deal for a ring as beautiful and precious as this. Email us with your size for a direct quote.

Curve Rings, 14kt Gold or Argentium Silver and Stone

These two rings are made of a sweeping curve of metal and a single set stone. They are simple and beautiful settings for a solitare stone, which does not have to be a diamond - see Mark's daughter's emerald ring at the top of the page! In the ring on the left, a tsavorite garnet is set in a 14kt gold band and would cost $900 with a 5 mm garnet of this quality - much less with another stone! This was an engagement ring. The ring on the right, a man's wedding band, with a cabochon black onyx cost $175 in Argentium silver.

Curve Ring, 14kt Gold


Curve Ring, 14kt Gold with Tsavorite Garnet

Curve Ring, with Black Onyx


Curve Ring, with Black Onyx