Small: $50 Code:1151 (24X20mm or 0.95" by 0.8")

Medium: $60 Code:1152 (32X26mm or 1.3" by 1.1")

Large: $80 Code:1153 (42X34mm or 1.6" by 1.4")

Please Note:

Most orders take 6 WEEKS OR MORE from payment to shipping. Everything we sell is made by hand and to order and we are always very busy.

If you have a deadline let us know! We can often speed up the process.

We can easily make changes to the design or otherwise customize your piece. If you want a specific size or to add a stone or to have it made in gold or any other customization just email us or call us at 386-423-1833.

REMEMBER! We have to make your piece(s) before we can ship so pleeaase give us as much time as possible.


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