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Carolyn and John's Wedding Bands

Hi Carolyn and John

This is my design for your wedding bands. As you can see I used the themes of flames, knots and spirals rather than your actual design, which, good as it was, was impossible to make as jewelry within the quarter inch tall specifications of Carolyn's size 7 ring. On Carolyn's design the letters would have been difficult to see and, actually, impossible for me to cut or engrave as they would have been only about 1 millimeter tall. Also, there are seven letters in Carolyn's names, plus spaces, which would have taken up much of the ring. We might have been able to do John's name on Carolyn's ring but since we couldn't do Carolyn on John's......we didn't pursue it. There would have been no room for any other design elements. Finally, though letters made from spirals work in pencil, the actual curliques of the spirals cannot be rendered in metal without creating lines that are so thin they would disappear within a short period of normal wear if, as these elements are, the letters are raised from the background of the ring. Here's the plan of the ring, what it would look like if laid out flat:

Wells plan

My idea was to unify the Celtic knotwork that Carolyn requested with John's fire elements. I modified the plus sign to a 4 armed triskalion as the joining element and the rest of the design is all joined together.

Here are some 3D visulaizations of how the design flows around the ring. Note that my program doesn't allow me to show either the depth of the surface elements nor the texturing of the background in the 3D effect, but it does give you an idea:

Wells 3D


Finally here are the widths and actual sizes of the rings

Actual Sizes




Mark Defrates 2010